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Well what I meant with a gui would be that I just needed something to do the work for me instead of having to type everything every time. I know that in comparison to windows you can double click a file and then enter a command with that as a parameter which is something I'd really want to use in Windows instead of calling up a DOS-prompt every single time. But for known files I'd like to customize something to do every time. I noticed the screenshot of AIAB had some sort of right-click menu which looked like you could customize it (Open with and then some customized things). Could anyone say what was used for that? If something exists as alternatives and if they take up a lot of memory? I tried installing a menu which appeared at the mouse, but that was a complete mirror of the drop down menus from workbench and while handy not having to move the mouse too much it was fairly useless even though it didn't take much memory.
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