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Banish these...

Game adverts which show no actual game footage. They advertise games on the cgi-fmv alone. Bad move. To me this instantly means the game is not worth buying even if it's stuffed in the bargain bin (See Harry Potter)

Games with controls that cannot be configured. This must be the easiest thing in the world to do? How hard is it to allow the user to map the controls to how he wants? If I spend £30-£40 on a game, then I should be able to set the controls to how I bloody want! (See Metroid Prime)

Games with stupid jumpy sections. Yeah games can have platform sections but having huge sections of platforms which need pin-point precision is just the most frustrating thing ever. It can ruin a game because it doesn't make you want to play it ever again. (See Turok 2)

Shitey arse lazy ports. I'm not talking ports which don't seem to work, I'm talking ports which were ported for the sake of making some money and having the game on a new system. It ruins a good game and tarnishes it's reputation. (See pretty much any early sega port to the amiga)

PAL50 ONLY games. This is the biggest crime of all. It is such a simple thing to add. I mean ffs, all they have to do is add an option in a menu to change the output from 50Hz to 60Hz. This really gets my apple. (Pretty much any shitey arse lazy PS2 game you can think of)

Official Playstation 1/2 Pads. I'm not sure if anyone else gets this, but I f-ing hate PS 1/2 pads. They have the screws in exactly the place where my fingers rest on the back. This means that without fail I get a blister and/or cut within 2 hours of playing. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I don't own a ps so I'm not gonna buy a replacement pad to carry around just in case I go around a mates house. (See PS1/PS2, PS1/PS2 Dual Shock Pads)
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