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bad save points in modern games which means every time you die you have to redo 20 minutes of play and sit through 10 mins of cut-scenes

Also Cut-Scenes that can't be skipped even though you have watched them 40 times

(Star Trek Bridge Commander on PC)

edit: mods that only work in multiplayer.... not all of us have high speed internet and would like to try the klingon bridge in quick battle mode you know...

and whats the deal with vioice commands in STBC I cant say Set Course, Fire torpedos or warp... I have to say UP, UP, Up, Engage, Down, Down, Engage to use my voice to navigate through a menu rather than bark commands...

I'm such a nerd :P

another edit: UT2004 my team lost too many times and now my team has gone bankrupt which means I have to start all the way from the begining or participate in about 40 single player deathmatches just to get enough money to pay my teammates

Well I put that one away real quick and I won't be playing it anytime soon its a shame because it can be quite good...

[end rant]
Does anybody watch "Late Night with Conan O'brien"? This thread reminds me of "Pierre Bernards Recliner of Rage"

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