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Akira. Calm down m8. Sounds like you need me back there with you to take you out and get you drunk/stoned/whatever. Hang on, I'll get first plane...........

On a serious note (contrary to what you wrote in other thread) I am not a sellout.

Just because I am sitting here on the EAB forum wearing my LemonAmiga T-shirt doesn't make me a sellout

I'm on Lemon cause it's a new forum with new people. To be honest the conversation/threads there seem very newbieish due to the majority of the folks being C64 freaks. Hopefully that aspect will improve as more Amiga-heads join, and maybe some of the C64 people go back to their C64 forums after the initial excitement has worn down. I'm not sure what'll happen, but I definitely won't be leaving this board.

Is the world big enough for the EAB & LemonAmiga ? Did we really need a new Amiga forum when we are so happy here ?

Who knows?

RCK has been doing a brilliant job on this site, the HOL and all hosted sites are great too. He didn't really need competition to make a succesful board and more new exciting things to the EAB (as has been doing this since day #1 without LemonAmiga). Will it be competition or co-operation? I think co-operation would be better than competiton, but either will be helpful for the whole scene as long as it doesn't result in board-wars and shit like that.

I can see from looking on the Lemon64 forums that Kim Lemon has also been doing some useful work for the Amiga with his Superfrog inspired website in progress....hmmm...seems familiar to something I did......but I musn't regress.....

Whatever happens, if LemonAmiga is a failure or a success, if you visit both, if you only visit here or just visit there at least it's something else Amiga. In an era when more emu sites seem to be closing or people are losing interest it's nice to see something fresh.

Wether this Lemon will be mixed in with the EAB really well or leaves a bitter taste in your mouth remains to be seen.

But for now I've got a little Lemon stuck on the top of my EAB glass for some additional flavour.
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