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Originally Posted by Killergorilla
I never buy games second hand from game/eb cos they've always got scribbles all over them, they get out there big fat permanent markers and write P all over the bloody things.
Originally Posted by Big-Byte
Nail Polish remover and a cotton wool ball is very good for restoring them to former glory. you have to be very quick and not rub too hard though as it tends to take off the printed ink on the manuals as well.
I was about to give the same tip, though a gentle rub with your thumbnail is also quite effective, and use your thumbnail to remove any permanent marker scribbles from the outer case as nail varnish remover here sometimes leaves you with a little dull spot - but it is quite easy to remove these marks, and if that little bit of effort is going to give you a half-price game then...

I'd only have half the games I have now if I always bought full-price
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