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Thanks for your comments about Blobz, much appreciated. I know it needs a lot of memory etc. to run, but it's down to very inexperienced programming more than anything else. My new game should be better though....

As for the screens, I meant 64 for each level, and as there are 10 levels = 640 screens! I know it's loads, but Blitz Basic obviously didn't like it as it kept saying I was out of memory, loading in a 35K map file when I had about 2.5M to spare! Anyway I've had to change it because of this, each level is now 32 screens each (max), still quite big for one person to do but a lot more manageable. I've got level one finished now, so I'll probably let you see that one.

Right that's it for now, I won't be on here again until Saturday, when I'll upload what I've done so far. Speak to you then!
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