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Originally Posted by Akira
I know it's little cash but to me every cent counts terribly, so I finally got hold of an extra and spent it in the WHDLoad registration! I'm very happy about it, no more nags and i finally could support Bert with his work!
Heh, I also registered yesterday..

Note, that I wasn't playing whdloadified games before this, even though I knew about it's existence.. Then I found the ready packaged installers with disk images offered by DeCreator and decided to give it a go..

One night of going through the lists and copying all my fave games to my A4000's HD later I saw that it does indeed actually work! I whipped out my credit card at the speed of light. :-)

I wasn't quite sure that it would perform so well, but most games even start from my workbench, even though many of them crash some time into the game.. No wonder, my full boot configuration is quite patchy + I run CGX, etc..

I wonder if the stuff will run better on my other A4000 that has an A3640 board.. That should be a little more compatible than the CSmkII 060/50..


Anyway, thanks to everyone who's done whdload things, you've managed to decrease my productive free time even more by getting these games to work on my A4000. (many aga-fixed versions don't work properly on a very expanded Amiga, even though they boast 060 compatibility :-/)

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