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sorry mate, I thought you hated spanish games.. I do hate brazilian games too... although the only brazilian game for Amiga isn't half bad... Barravento , anyone knows it? (I know it's on Dreamzone)

P.P. Hammer is nice, it remembers me an MSX game (again) called King's Valley (And its sequel, King's Valley 2). In King's Valley you need to get pickaxes to dig the ground, and get all jewels in the level to go to the next level. King's valley 2 added new tools, weapons and better gfx.. the shots here are from King's Valley 1 (Because I already had them in my HD, and I can't be arsed to take screenshots of King's Valley 2 now)


Silhoutte Mirage is from Treasure too.... I didn't know they made Troublemakers... and about Burning Rangers, I never heard this name before... tell me more about this one (I am a big fan of Treasure)

A good thing about every Treasure game (including Gunstar Heroes), is the balanced difficulty level. Although the games are usually very challenging, they give you stuff like infinite continues with added energy (Gunstar Heroes), or zillions of credits (Radiant Silvergun).. this makes the game good if you're a kid who only enjoys a game when you can beat it (Most kids nowadays do it), and also makes good if you are a real player who wants a challenge.

Treasure is right there in my fav games makers list, together with Compile, Konami and Sensible...

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