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Originally Posted by darkwave
Ok, so I've got my 1200 down from the loft and I'm all set to go and install Bloodwych's ClassicWB on it. (The miggy even had a RAM expansion which I'd completely forgotten about. Bonus!) The crap thing is, I've lost the Storage and Tools disks so I have no HDToolbox to install my Hard Drive with (nabbed from an old laptop). I can't even nab an alternate from Aminet as I have no CrossDOS so I have no way of getting files from my PC to Amiga.
If it's a 3 1/2 inch HD, bung it in the PC and prep it with WinUAE (I posted details of how to this a few weks ago - do a search), if it's 2 1/2 inch HD, can you sernet/parnet your PC/Amiga together to get HDToolBox from one to the other?
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