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Thanks for your comments so far. If you want me to I'll upload my (very) basic four-screen demo at the weekend, not now because I'm at school and it wouldn't be allowed (and I don't have net access at home). Do you want it uploaded as an adf file or not?

As for game details, here's what I've got planned so far:

- 10 levels spread over 5 worlds that consist of up to 64 screens each
- 5 (so far) different types of enemies on each world
- Um, that's it at the minute

The idea of the game is to collect all the diamonds on each level, however there are only a few and are usually hard to get. There are also a lot of coins to collect, although these don't have to be collected, these will give a nice bonus at the end if you get them all.

If you want to know any more just ask.

Also this is actually my second project. My first game, Blobz (nothing to do with the old commercial game, I didn't even know about until someone e-mailed me about it!) is on Aminet if you want to try it (game/misc/blobz1.3.lha) (nothing like a quick plug ) although due to my inexperience (bad programming in other words) it will only run on machines with 2mb RAM, I think. You will also need a 68030 to get it to run at a (sort of) good speed. And you'll get to see how bad an artist I am!

There, that'll do for now. Sorry if I've gone on a bit here.
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