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Originally Posted by synchro
I just thought they sent you the full proggy or sommin and wondered where i stood if i had my regged version on the dvd ????
I think you'd be standing in front of a judge if I had my way !

In the good old days many of us pirated on the Amiga, despite all the "Don't pirate, the Amiga will die" messages. Look what happened.

Before anyone accuses me of hypocrisy I don't care about the death of the PC.

I don't use WHDLoad much (and I am not registered) but distributing a full version of this program would make immediately negate anything good you are doing for the community with this DVD. In fact the tomatoes would continue to be thrown and you would be forever remembered as "the idiot who ruined WHDLoad" rather than "the guy who made this cool DVD".

Please listen to Uncle Akira
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