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Thanks Bloodwych !!!
I actually dont mind the WHD popup being there IN FACT!!! Maybe it should be there. After all im trying to get across whats available from this community and what can be done with Amiga Emulation.....And thier work does deserve some good solid credit !!!

I just thought they sent you the full proggy or sommin and wondered where i stood if i had my regged version on the dvd ????

But its no problem im happy to keep the popup....Its not the workbench side i was worried about really its making runnable HDF's where the popup may become tedious.....I got 50 standard runnable HDF's from Godflesh's ftp which are really fantastic and very stable and instant loading !!!
Adding that to the ones im making and have made its getting to be a lot of runnable games direct from the dvd
If anyone can help me find source for anymore that would be an great help !!!

As for selling all i can do is put a NOT FOR SALE.....FREELY DISTRIBUTABLE notice on the dvd somewhere and hope no one will buy it.......Or sell it for that matter

BTW.....Just checked out your link.....Fantastic thanks!!! Theres some really cool WB setups there that will look great

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