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Originally Posted by 7-Zark-7
Scary games? Well, in no particular order....

Friday the 13th (C64)-A classic, particularly when the bodies start to pile up & the fright-o-meter starts climbing. A rare game where the bugs (like losing your weapon if you change to another), enhanced things with random events! Why doesn't someone do a modern-day 3D version-I'm sure the concept would work well for that B-grade atmosphere.
Yeah! I want that...

Horror Games (PC) try Flesh Feast works also in multiplayer!

The Freddy Vs. Jason's License Fight Is On!
One of the more interesting and potentially gory licenses that's in the midst of a bidding competition right now is that for Freddy Vs. Jason. You know what the potential game could be like, gory, bloody, brutal, and filled with potentially cheesy and funny situations. Who's bidding for it? The companies we know of are Midway, Eidos, and Electronic Arts. Expect to hear a license announcement by the bidding war winner sometime later this year Look here!

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