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I just tested it now. I've got to say this is the version which works best for me until now.

Finally I can enable sound without dropping from 50 frames to 20 or below frames. WinUAE 8.8 gave me 40 frames with sound, but this release gives me a full 50

BTW now that I'm posting about WinUAE. I saw a screenshot in one of the threads with a smaller window of WinUAE. I know that I could just disable doubling of lines to make the output smaller heigth wise, but what about width? Without doubling of lines I get ultra wide screen all the time. I'm guessing it's a sort of pixel doubling since Winfellow manages fine without showing in widescreen. Can anyone help me with this? (Yes I know this is the wrong place to post a help request, hopefully someone will see it)
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