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Somebody help me get Storage back!

Ok, so I've got my 1200 down from the loft and I'm all set to go and install Bloodwych's ClassicWB on it. (The miggy even had a RAM expansion which I'd completely forgotten about. Bonus!) The crap thing is, I've lost the Storage and Tools disks so I have no HDToolbox to install my Hard Drive with (nabbed from an old laptop). I can't even nab an alternate from Aminet as I have no CrossDOS so I have no way of getting files from my PC to Amiga.

So could anybody do me the favour of sending/selling me some Workbench disks for a small fee. I really want to start playing around with a real Amiga again.

Also if anybody has a spare Amiga mouse lying around I'd take that too as I no longer have one and navigating Workbench with the keyboard isn't much fun.

I would be forever grateful.
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