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I don't use it cause I don't use a real Amiga.

With emulation I mainly emulate old A500 games I used to enjoy. (yes I know WHDLoad works with UAE).

With the exception of Monkey Island I generally didn't like loadsadisk games, because:

1 - You needed to buy/steal/recycle/scrounge several blank disks to copy them
2 - I hated disk swapping that many times

So therefor I never really collected games with more than 3 disks, except on rare occasions when I heard the game was really good or had managed to sell enough fake pot (nutmeg) to knobheads at school and could buy some floppies !

As Monkey Island has no replay value for me anymore I tend to stick to 1/2 disk games.

I actually think swapping virtual ADF disks enhances the old-time experience !
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