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Yes - I've registered

and it was the best decision I have made. Nearly all my games are now on harddisk.
No longer endless disk waiting, no more AGA games that can't handle a 31 kHz Workbench,
no AGA/020+ version that crashed due to a moved VBR or simply not enough free chip mem.
Just click'n'run.

And it simply makes fun to develop for:
- All the nasty stuff is done and you start in a clean environment.
- MMU support: easy detection of access faults or selfmodifying code
- An adapted debugger with special commands for WHDLoad: if you write a trainer for example, you simpy
write protect a value and an access fault later you get the modifying instruction, couldn't be easier.
- You get source to utilize a kickstart, which is enough for many dos games and you install them in a couple of minutes.
- You get install templates: 5 minutes to adapt and you have a nice installer.
- Tools to read non standard disks.

@Cody: 850 game installs ? you can nearly double this: around 1600 game installs
another point is that there are at least 8 translations of the manual for people without english knowledge

@Korodny: the problem with Hollywood Poker Pro not finding pictures is a bug in the game which occurs with the disk, too:
you have 5 pictures from full dress to nude, if the girl strips and you win the pot you get the next picture, if the girl strips twice
and you win the pot you get the second next picture and so on. At this point the game forgets to check if there is more than one picture left:
if you're at the fourth picture and she strips twice the game wants to load a non existant sixth picture.
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