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Originally Posted by Leo42
They may release it for free under a special licence: say "For not commercial use only"... So they could still sell licence for that Joystick stuff or anything else...

What has the release of OS4 to do with the free (or not) release of OS 1.x ?
What it might have to do with OS4 is (as I tried to explain) that if they want to provide the ability to run classic Amiga software under OS4, then they would probably need to use the 1.x kickstart to do so via emulation. They may also want to not have 1.x freely available for others to use so that OS4 could be unique in that regard - the only OS that could include this capability as a built in feature.

I'm afraid I just don't see the point in whining that a company which has purchased the intellectual property rights to a bit of software isn't being fair because they refuse to simply give it away. They bought it - it's their business (both literally and figuratively) whether they want to release it for free or not. Sure it is old, but that is irrelevant. Elvis Presley music is old too (a lot older for that matter), but if you want it, you still have to buy it to get it legally.
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