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Originally Posted by Dr. Dude
well it doen't find it. I have looked in the bios, tryed a autodetect, but nothing

Maybe some yumper setting?
As i have 4 pins left on my HD
Any clue what pins need to be conected?
You're supposed to have four pins left over if it's a 2.5" hard drive - that's the jumper block. Um, are you trying to plug your 2.5" Amiga hard drive, with 44 pins, onto the 40 pin header on your PC's motherboard? That won't work unless you've got an adaptor of some sort.

Depending on the age of your motherboard, and the way you've got the BIOS set up, you may need to add the hard drive into the IDE setup screen (it should be the first option, above "Advanced Settings" - can't remember exactly what it's called, and it might be different on your machine anyway).l

You also need to make sure that the jumpers are set up properly. If you have more than one drive on the cable, one of them needs to be set to "master", and one of them needs to be set to "slave". Don't use "cable select", as it tends to be unreliable. If the hard drive is the only one connected on the cable, you don't need to set the jumpers. You can find the jumper settings either printed on the drives themselves, or on the manufacturer's website. Each drive's jumpers and settings are different.

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