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WinUAE 0.8.17 Release 2 is out

UAE 0.8.17 for Windows, Release 2
- Bernd Schmidt
- Bernd "Bernie" Meyer
- Toni Wilen
- Sam Jordan
- Brian King <>
- Bernd Roesch
- Adil Temel
- Andreas Junghans
- Mathias Ortmann
- update/add localization support for GUI
- Multi-mouse (Andreas Junghans)
- Triple buffering, so that vsync can be reintroduced.
- Snapshot (save-state) support is not 100% yet.
- Picasso96 colour-fades are especially slow.
- Only Lemmings 3 AGA's playing screen is centered correctly, "Lemming-mode"
selection buttons on bottom of screen are still corrupted. (AGA bitplanes
do not stole copper's DMA cycles correctly yet)
- Also Banshee AGA's scoreboard is still invisible because sprites outside
playfields (AGA only feature, not yet implemented) are always hidden.
WinUAE 0.8.17 Release 2
- FIXED: Fixed the center_image() routine which was causing crashes with
centering inside of screens less than 800x600.
- FIXED: Remove hard dependency on RegisterDeviceNotification API so that
WinUAE still works on Win95.
- FIXED: Event timing works better now, and shouldn't hang any demos or
games. (Bernd Schmidt)
- FIXED: Max out at 512-Megs of ZorroIII RAM, since 1-Gig won't work.
- FIXED: Merged in some CIA-related save-state changes. (Bernd Schmidt)
- FIXED: Banshee AGA and Lemmings3 AGA are now mostly working, thanks to
new delay-offset code. See the "KNOWN BUGS" section above for
further details. (Toni Wilen)
- FIXED: Sound-syncro settings can be changed on-the-fly. (Jose Gil)
- ADDED: New version of "uaediskchange" utility. Put this inside your
"Amiga" installation, and call it in your startup-sequence like
"run >nil: c:uaediskchange cd0:" to watch cd0: for disk-changes.
You can watch more than one drive. (Bernd Roesch)
- CHANGED: Tweaked the sound-syncro code again. (Jose Gil)
- CHANGED: Creating an AmigaDOS .adf file from the GUI will now create a
formatted disk. (Toni Wilen)
- REMOVED: No restriction on only being able to run one instance of WinUAE.
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