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Lets see if I can answer all those questions

I have written a script to import the TOSEC dat into Access. This gives me things like game names, filenames etc etc, but no game info

Unfortunately I don't have access to the raw data of the HOL database. Only what is online. So I can't write a script for that at this point. With luck this might change. Most of the info is coming from HOL though, but is being entered manually as a game is tested.

Zipped files will almost certainly be implemented. The function is already there just has to be tweaked.

As for picture names the format is like this. The first picture can be called whatever you like as long as you point to it. e.g. Snapshot.png All other pictures for the same game must be name like this Snapshot_1.png, Snapshot_2.png etc etc. If you have changed the name of a picture from what is was set then GameBase can no longer find it. You would need to tell GameBase what the new filename is. Pictures will be supplied in packs in the future so all you will need to do is unzip the pack into the root directory or wherever.

The gamelist and info screens are not resizable. Probably wont be for the forseeable future either. Too many other things to worry about at the moment. But of course once the current (long) list of problems / features are dealt with, who know?

Things are going slower than I would like with further updates New job, going on holidays soon, having to learn PHP, SQL blah blah blah. Though while things are going slower than I would like, they are still going. I'm hoping to have game testing in full swing well before my trip (8 weeks). After that there will be a new release about every 100 games that have been fully tested. New releases may or may not have new features (maybe just new games and bug fixes).

Well I'm babbling again. Hope I answered all your questions
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