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Question Cracker interview

Hi people,

i'm new to this Amiga Board and haven't read through all recent threads yet, so excuse me for bringing up old subjects...

(And, yes, i guess it it's 'not done' to start requesting apps at a first post)

What i wanted to know is:

Does anyone here have a copy of an old interview (Amiga Spezial (German Mag. around 1994 i believe)) done with a person called Carnivore (member of the group BeerMacht)
(linked with TRSI at that time, as far as i know ( and i do NOT know much about the "cracking scene")) . The point is that i have always been kind of fond of the so-called BeerMon (discontinued after v. 0.46c, i think) and i wanted to know something about the interests / background / hackmethods of this person. (a guy, i presumed)

I did have a peek into written correspondence between Carnivore and some amiga-hacker (old-fashioned letter, snail mail), so i saw his first name.

I have contracted the board about this several years ago, but i think they ignored my post.

hope anyone can shed some light onto this... or on interesting protection schemes (for instance on Amiga) in general. (I don't want to sound arrogant here, but way too many 'tutorials' on the net are fairly braindead 'look-i-know-a-trick-so-i'm-god' )
The Fravia-touch on amiga, would that be something ?


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