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Originally Posted by Chuckles
Actually, I can't tell you anything with regard to what they may or may not have interest in. However if (for example) they want to provide support for a means of running classic Amiga software under OS4, then that may be a reason for not freely releasing OS1.x, whereupon it could be legally used by anyone else who wanted to do the same thing on a different platform. Also, if anyone did want to develop an Amiga in a joystick sort of device such as the one Big-Byte asked about, they'd have to either buy or license the rights to the OS from KMos. Things generally tend to become free only when companies can no longer think of any way to make money with them, and KMos may not have reached that point yet. Why not ask them?
They may release it for free under a special licence: say "For not commercial use only"... So they could still sell licence for that Joystick stuff or anything else...

What has the release of OS4 to do with the free (or not) release of OS 1.x ?
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