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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
Why would releasing kick 1.3 generate any goodwill? People with real Amigas dont need it, people with emulators would use it to cut into the emulator products the owner is trying to sell. Its a stupid buisines deal to give away something your currently selling or something that could compete with what your selling or plan to sell.
Think Spectrum ROMs. Would the Spectrum have so many emulators, and such a vibrant emulation scene, if Amstrad hadn't made the ROMs freely distributable?

More importantly, would the Amiga have such a vibrant emulation scene had someone not dumped and distributed the Amiga Kickstart ROMs illegally in the first place? Amiga Forever is based on WinUAE, which is based on UAE, and it's possible that not everyone who contributed to UAE before Amiga Forever was released had dumped their own ROMs.

I agree that whoever owns the Kickstarts this week doesn't need to allow the free distribution of the early ROMs; it's their property, at least until the next chump buys it, and they can do what they like with it. However, I do think that freeing Kick 1.3 would create goodwill within the emulation community; would increase interest in Amiga emulation; and might even lead to new emulator developments.
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