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Originally Posted by kolorabi
Though I agree there's demand for the software, I doubt they are able to make much money off it these days. That there is demand for something doesn't mean it's something that's going to sell.

I think releasing kick 1.3 would generate a lot of goodwill and in that way be a sensible business decision.
Why would releasing kick 1.3 generate any goodwill? People with real Amigas dont need it, people with emulators would use it to cut into the emulator products the owner is trying to sell. Its a stupid buisines deal to give away something your currently selling or something that could compete with what your selling or plan to sell.

An example of goodwill is apple releasing GS/OS 6.01 for the IIgs and 7.5.3-7.5.5 for the 68k and powermac line. The reason for this is Apple has not made or supported the apple II line in ages and has no plans on reviving it any time soon. Apple didn't release 7.6.1 or later OS because they are just modern enough to get a Mac functioning on the internet and could possible undercut new mac sales.

Microsoft releasing Windows 3.11 code would be goodwill (they have not done this) for all the ancient machines out there. This is a good buisiness decision because the OS is old enough that it wont run any current aplications. Releasing OS 9x would not be smart because it is still viable in the market.
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