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Originally Posted by Leo42
I ask for anything for ME: I already got Amigas where I can dump needed ROM... But seriously: who did buy AmigaForever just to play Amiga 500 games ? I don't think they make that much money with 1.3 roms especially with Internet and peer to peer... But maybe I'm wrong: maybe there're making thousand of dollars and that would be stupid to release it for free... Yes... Maybe Apple would still find customers to buy MacOS 7.x now that MacOSX has been released, yes...

@Chuckles: KMos bought AmigaOS in order to let Hyperion developp AmigaOS4: with Amiga sources belonging to Amiga, Inc. OS4 development may have been stopped because of Genesi sueing Amiga, Inc...
Please don't tell me they have interest in OS 1.x !
I am sure alot of people purchased Amiga Forever to play their old favorite games on the PC using the emulator. Not everybody has the spare room for the real machines like I do, or wants to fix/replace old dying hardware. I have a copy just for amiga explorer since its easy to dump images back to disk on my A1200 using the PCMCIA network adapter.

I have OS 1.3 on my A500 and A2000 just for playing games.

People DO buy mac OS 7.x cdrom for their old mac collections (they are only a few dollars anyway and not everybody has a fast internet connection to d/l the free disk images). You can't run OSX on your Quadra 950/840AV you know.

I find it odd people spend $300 or more for a video card for their A2000 or A4000 machines or go to the trouble of getting PPC upgrades for their machines, but others think its a good investment.

While anything software related to the Amiga line can be found on the net for free (legal or not), it does take time and some effort to find these resources. Therefore people who would rather just sit down and fire up a commercial emulator with 1.3 roms included (along with a few games) will pay a few dollars for a legit product.
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