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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
It is funny how people demand something be released for free since it has no value to them yet they want it anyway. If it realy had no value why would you want it in the first place?

I think ebay among other places has show that you can make a profit on anything if its sold at the right price.
I ask for anything for ME: I already got Amigas where I can dump needed ROM... But seriously: who did buy AmigaForever just to play Amiga 500 games ? I don't think they make that much money with 1.3 roms especially with Internet and peer to peer... But maybe I'm wrong: maybe there're making thousand of dollars and that would be stupid to release it for free... Yes... Maybe Apple would still find customers to buy MacOS 7.x now that MacOSX has been released, yes...

@Chuckles: KMos bought AmigaOS in order to let Hyperion developp AmigaOS4: with Amiga sources belonging to Amiga, Inc. OS4 development may have been stopped because of Genesi sueing Amiga, Inc...
Please don't tell me they have interest in OS 1.x !
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