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Originally Posted by KombatSanta
If it's still alot of demand for it... then why should they realese it for free? I mean UAE, Fellow and other emus have made it popular again so I don't see any reason why one should realese kick 1.3 and WB for free when they still can make money of it.
I find it unfair to demand money for a 16 years old OS... as only nostalgic people use it to play old games: no one is using this OS to do serious/professional work... Why nostalgic people only wanting to revive their early years would have to pay for that ? Especially when all other components (ie.: emulator + a lof of games) are free...

Plus: why did Amiga, Inc. sell the AmigaOS to KMOS, Inc. in latest April if they still could make money with it ?
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