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WinUAEX Amiga Emulator port for XBox v4

What's New:

- Fixed a bug where WinUAEX would crash if you tried to load an ISO file before
running a real CD game.

- Option to select your own flicker filter level 0-5 (default is 5 - max enabled)

- Changed max FastRAM to 8MB

- Added option for up to 1MB SlowRAM

- ADZ-as-ZIP and ADZ-as-GZIP should both work now (as well as normal .GZ)

- Added 720x480 and 720x576 modes to Video Configuration menu

- Fixed screenshot size to trim the edges of blank space

- Repositioned LEDs so the screen doesn't have to be horribly askew to see them

- Added option to hide filename extensions - find it on General Settings menu

- Added option to always bring up save/load state menu on General Settings menu
If this option is turned on, then whenever you press the in-game button-combo
to save/load a state it will display the load/save state menu from which you
can select the state.
If the option is off, then the normal default behavior of immediately
loading/saving the current state slot will occur.

- Screenshot saved with each save state

- Fixed bug where if you ejected a disk from In-Game options menu and then immediately
selected "Reset Amiga", it would act as though the disk was not ejected.

- Added option to configure text screen size/position for viewing text files

- If you select the same text file to view you will be placed back at the position
you left it.

- Added Controller -> Joypad Mappings -> UI Mappings option for "Text Browser"
Assign a key-combo to this function and when invoked, it will take you back
to the last text file you were browsing at the position you left it.
This makes it much easier to jump back and forth from game <-> doc.
Note - you must first manually select a file to browse from the "Game Utilities"
menu off of the "In Game Options" menu.
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