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Aiee... Ever wondered where the nerd stereotype came from? It's this programme.

I downloaded two videos from 1985 (or one video and one audio track anyway). It's interesting to see how people imagined the future of computing would turn out back then. In the "Low-end computers" video, Jack Tramiel predicts that the Atari 520ST would be a major business machine; way to go Jack! However, some random Commodore bod suggests that computer graphics are going to be a major area of development (he's discussing the secret Amiga project), and insists that eventually people will shop from home on their computers via some sort of telecommunications system. Commodore 20 years ahead of everyone else again, and it still didn't do them any good.

It's also nice to see a programme about computing in which Microsoft doesn't get a mention at all. When discussing operating systems, the presenter talks about the three major low-end OSes of the time - "Two from Apple, and one from IBM". No Windows at that point, and I suppose no-one would be so foolish as to suggest that MS-DOS was an operating system.

Finally, from the British perspective, it's odd to see Tramiel honoured as the driving force behind home computing - Uncle Clive doesn't get a look in.


Just watched a few more. The hosts' jaws drop every time the Video Toaster gets demonstrated. It's a pity this wasn't around for the Commodore-vs-Atari episode - imagine trying to follow up the Video Toaster with GEM and MIDI.

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