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Originally Posted by kriz
hmm that would be hard
Im trying to download the files, but it never starts, they pop up but never starts ..

Im using eMule on a WindowsXP machine, any special tricks i need to do, special servers i need to connect ... or something like that ?
Don't trouble yourself with emule. Try overnet . It can use up your entire bandwidth, it connects to the same network and it's server independent. Also your speed is independent of what you share and how much or for how long. Read their FAQs for the description of the horde system. It's much better than any other client. But still, you have to wait until someone that has the file becomes online and available to share the file with you. This doesn't have anything with the client and I sometimes wait for days to get improperly shared files (like this one) but the overnet factor helps when you are able to reach the file. You can also hide your shared files from being browsed.

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