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Originally Posted by killergorilla
And yes people do buy xboxes just for emu's and the like. I think Antiriad pretty much did.
I have never seen that link so looks like your correct ( My apologies to you )

But please !!! Ok the odd fanatic may buy an Xbox JUST to play EMU's but the usual story is .......Shall i buy a PS2 or an Xbox.....Answer....You gotta get an Xbox look what it can do blah!! blah!! blah!!!
Isnt that how you talk people round I know i do !!!

Fiath !!!
What you say makes perfect sense and i didnt know game makers paid for the privilage ( i just never trust a rich man who who says hes not making money on a project but continues to do it )

So looks like i was wrong again so my apolgies to you as well

So after admitting losing this one im getting worried im wandering off the Amiga scene theme and dont want to get a slap from the Mods so i will admit loss gracefully and try kill this particular subject ....But thanks its been educational for me
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