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I know one person who doesn't want this issue to die. Whenever one says "Sensible is a lot better than Kick Off in oh-so-many ways", I can see you (manicx) desperately defending your Kick Off as if it was your own child. I also remember you saying "Sensible Soccer is for people who don't know how to play Kick Off".

But seriously, Dino Dini leaves me with a sour feel in my stomach and really really makes it hard for me to enjoy playing a game he made. Thus is the human nature, you can't really enjoy a product from someone you really despise, and this kind of self-proclamation is bad enough to wipe out even the biggest Kick Off 2 fanatics off the face of the earth. I mean that in the way that they decide to boicott Kick Off 2.

I love KO2 as much as the other man, but for some reason, I'm losing my love for the game more and more ever since I learned how STUPID that man really was. I mean, it's bad enough to have an attitude, but I think one can't really be a smart person when the attiture reaches these hights.

Oh and the secret football game? Heh... he sincerely believe he can make a revolutionary football game just like that. Afterall, he IS the father of football, so why not?
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