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Originally Posted by Burseg
It is "bad"?
Ok this is to do with Winuae even if it doesnt look like it at first !!!

Question !!!! ok technically its illigal but tell me.....Modders who mod xboxs complained on forums that the plug holes on the motherboards were filled with solder making it awkward to mod!!!!

Next release of Xbox found microsoft had left the solder out !!!
Next release made it easier to Mod and again the solder was still left out!!!

In fact if they did away with the holes it would be almost impossible to mod the box and it could shut down most sites selling mods and making emulator ports overnight !!!

My point is EMU's like WINUAEX..MAME....XSNESX and mods sells Xboxs and Mr Gates knows it as he could end all this tomorrow !!!

The only thing illigal about Winuaex is what it was ported with...The Winuae used is free !!!! ( Thank god for Winuae )

I wonder how many people Mr gates has put inside for making an emulator port ??????
My guess is not many...I have a hard time condoning these Emulators as i dont see them doing Microsoft any harm PLUS!!! WinUAE on Xbox...Priceless!!! (And lets not is our own loveable WinUAE )

One day we will be able to say......Remember xbox....I can play it on my WinUAE V.17000.735

Look out got a lot of work ahead

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