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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
So whats the big deal here. Some programmer had the skill and luck to code a great game and at the same time has a huge ego about it. You guys need to seperate the product from the developer who made it. Nobody codes in a vacuum, everything is built up from things they see and what others did.
Wise words. That's exactly the point in all this. A game has its own history regardless of the developers.

Originally Posted by CodyJarrett
Anyway, Stuart Campbell may not be the most pleasant of people to get into an argument with, but at least he respects the sanctity of logic in what he says. The Kick Off hardcore, on the other hand, slavishly follow the Dino Dini gospel, spread malicious rumours and show little understanding of any kind of middle ground.
Cody, I didn't want to comment on this, but it seems to me that you are taking things too far. Actually, I don't see your point to accuse Dino Dini in one case and say that Stu respects the sanity of logic in what he says on another.

In many cases, both Stu and Dino have been in their own world. As IFW, Dino Dini is a nice chap especially when not talking about Kick Off. I found many of his ideas about development excellent and very useful for my career as a developer. I haven't met Stu, and I am sure there may be things that will be nice talking with him. But he is like Dino when talking about Sensible Soccer and several other Sensible titles (he acts like Sensible's lawer in many cases).

One thing that I can't understand though, is that you accused me on the past about my ideas about KO2 and Stuart Campbell, but I see that you have the very same fanatism on this issue. I am not an admin or a moderator in these forums, but you are and you should always remember that with great powers comes responsibility. You cannot accuse people for something and then come and be the same as them.

I don't want to see this as a personal attack. You knew from the very beginning that you wanted to put fire in a warehouse full of gun powder.

My final thoughts is that YES, Dino looks like an idiot in this interview. But as I said, he is not a god, he expresses his own opinion and not the opinion of all these people who played KO2, as you said before. Would you say the same for Steward Campbell? I am playing KO2 because we gather with my pals, drink beers and eat pizzas and have a good laugh not because I think that Dino is a god or because Kick Off 2 was made my Dino Dini. I don't give a shit who makes computer games. All I care is whether I HAVE FUN with them and whether it worths spending my money on a particular title! Let this issue die FFS.
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