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WinUAEX V3 is released (Read on )

This one supports CD32 and CDTV !!!!!

Cant find the damn thing though
Here's the Specs !!!

WinUAEX Amiga Emulator port for XBox v3

what's New:

- CD32/CDTV support - Plays real CD32/CDTV cds and ISO files
(playing CD32 ISO files does not support WAV/MP3 CDDA tracks at this time)

- Added "Extended ROM" to configuration screen

- Samba, Relax, Netplay re-implemented

- Increased max JIT cache size to 8MB

- Increased max Chipmem size to 8MB - WHDLoad games work now

- Added drive click sounds option "Floppy Volume" on game configuration screen

- Fixed bug with display of FastRAM. 1MB was displayed as 0MB and vice-versa.

- Screen tearing was not actually fixed in v2. Now it is.

- Added "Force PAL50" mode in Video Configuration section (off by default)

- Added "Disable Flicker Filter" to Video Configuration section (on by default)

- Create blank ADF/HDF files from In Game Options menu

- ADZ support

- Fixed all special/international character-conversion to be non-DEBUG FAT-X compatible
(Workbench enthusiasts)

- Screen size/position saved for each game

- Added more fine-grain CPU speed options.
0 = Max, 1 = Real, 2 = 100% ... 33 = 0%

- Added "Reset Amiga" function to In-Game Options menu

- Fixed memory bug when reading ISO9660 files

- Added default text-viewing dir. Set it via the default directories section.

- Text file settings (fixed width, text width) are maintained each time
you go back and forth from the menu

- When you go up a directory, the cursor is positioned over the directory you just

- Because of changes to the structure of configuration file, you'll have to
reconfigure all your games.

- Graphics filters were added back in, but only one or two of them could be
used without slowing down the game (on even the simplest of games.)
I removed them again so that the memory could be put to better use.

Important Notes

To get CD32 emulation working, you need two ROM files to be placed in the
D:\ROMS directory. They are the CD32 version of the Kickstart 3.1 ROM and the
CD32 extended ROM image. They need to be called :


The default configuration that appears for CD32 games should work in most

To play a real CD, put the CD into the XBox DVDRom drive and select
"Launch Inserted Media" from the Main Menu.

To play an ISO file, select it as you would normally select an ADF game.

CD32/CDTV emulation is a little flaky. On rare occasions, the bootup screen will not
appear. Also, the CDDA tracks will sometimes fail to play.

Playing MP3/WAV files with ISO CD32 tracks is not currently supported.

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