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Yes, like all of that Microdeal shovelware. When I look at the many early ST ports and see how truly lacklustre they were, it reminds me of how truly non-innovative that system was. Their greatest gaming claim to fame was "Dungeon Master" and they haven't shut up about it to this day. Christ, the game wasn't THAT good! It sure as hell wasn't the innovative breakthrough that our "Lemmings" was, to name but one of many groundbreaking events in gaming history that were born on the Amiga.

And the ST had a MIDI port built in. Hardly a big deal, since that's about as cheap a peripheral as you could add to a system. And mainly musicians had the need for it, so why should it be standard equipment?

Then there was that TOS...ugh! The only thing it was superior to was MS-DOS! History's ugliest 16-bit OS. Complete with the limitations of 8+3 uppercase filenames and required extensions. Sheesh! Then there was that silliness with ST this and ST that in program and game names (like the Mac was doing...), which was completely juvenile.

And I for one am glad that my Amiga collection is not made up of 99% compilation disks. That was a fun, but inane diversion from the 80's that encouraged the truncating of games (like killing off intos and title screens) simply to fit more games on a menu disk. Leave it to the ST crowd to embrace this nonsense and run with it throughout the course of the machine's life.

While the ST was infintely superior for gaming to the PC of the day, it was always a poor man's Amiga.
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