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It seems to me that this new deal with DC, gave Dino the egoism to start speaking crap again. Last year, when I met him in Italy and was working for a small Italian company (that went bunkrupt apparently) he sounded a bit more down to earth. I won't comment on what he said, but yes, Dino's egoism and snobbish behaviour is very high again.

Pitty, really pitty. Make me wanting to hide like an ostrich. Although I love Kick Off 2 more than any other game in this world, this interview is a disgrace for the gaming industry.

One thing that I want people to know, is that this interview doesn't represent what the Kick Off community is all about. We are gathering to play our beloved game and it seems to me that Dino spoiled the fun for us. Thanks Cody for letting us know.

Cody, do you have the full interview? I am interested in letting the other guys know about that and I want the whole content (I dont have access to retro gamer). PM me if you have it.
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