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So Andy.....did you want scanlines then
Hehe - I've had a rethink...100% scanlines please! Sod the Amiga graphics I want a screen of scanlines!!!

Synchro, your next post had better be one saying the disk is ready! There really seems to be a bit of buzz around these boards regarding the disk. The way you've taken idea's on board from people here and actively asked their opinions means that we know it's going to be something special! (If you need any help with anything no matter how mundane then just drop me a line ( - I've a got a quiet few weeks ahead of me (after a load of hectic ones!)


The LED's aren't that noticeable and it just means you don't have to take your eyes off the screen to see if there's a loading problem. Also, with some games I play a lot I get to know the track access sequence that means there's not long to wait!!! (I need to get out more!)
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