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I connected the audio outputs and now have perfect sound, but when I try a similar cable (also basic single pin connectors which I used to use on my stereo) to connect the Mono to my tv, I just get a constant "bzzzzzzzt" noise and no image.

If you say that the cables are all the same, should I be able to use my (working) audio cables to connect the mono port and my tv?

Thanks for all your help, Galaxy…*my English isn't that good so I'm having trouble explaining myself.

I have to add, I was using the Antenna-in port when I had the severely scrambled image which I described a few posts earlier, I connected the mono port with my television's antenna-in port.

Ah, I have a perfect image now…*and stereo sound too! But one more problem remains, its in black&white.

Is this always so with the monochrome port? Or can it be fixed?

I guess I answered my own question here.. I would have to get the Scart connection working if I want colors.. any idea what would cause it to show me only a blue screen?

Thanks for your help again, now I can play again! I feel 10years younger.

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