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I looked inside my old Amiga box and to my surprise I found out that I already had a scart cable for it… I hooked it up to my television, and all I see is a light blue/purple screen… the Amiga is on and purring nicely, but I can't seem to get to kickstart...

Has my Amiga died in its years of storage?

It seems to be loading games perfectly still, although I can't see them… so it must be that my television can't accept RGB through Scart connections? Seems odd because I use Scart connections for other consoles with no problems...

Originally Posted by Galaxy
There is a mono video connector (single phono plug - labelled 'MONO') on the back of the A500 next to the 23 pin RGB connector. Connect using the same method that you would use if it was a composite.
I thought this would be for sound output only, would I be able to get a video signal this way?

Well I'm getting further, I connected it through the mono port using a (composite?) cable, and I get an image... but its black&white and full of static, no sound either I think…*I'm trying to find the right Mhz frequency but there doesn't seem to be any... what could cause this?

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