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Originally Posted by Akira
after reading this all I can say is that dino dini is a wanker!

What's this thing about "sensible got into MY patch"?? WTF? when did he buy the universal license for making every football game exclusively?
I think that Dino Dini's problem with Sensible Soccer was that he believed it used individual football game elements that he supposedly thought up, rather than it being another game in the same genre. But, as I mentioned earlier, these tended to be generic gaming elements, such as an overhead view.

In any case, Sensible Software acknowledged their debt to Kick Off in that they were Kick Off fans and it inspired them to make Sensible Soccer. This has now been stretched quite far by Dino, who claims to be the paterfamilias of Sensible Soccer while simultaneously denouncing it as a rip-off.

The whole sorry state of affairs has an extra cherry of insanity on the rotten cake. Most of the Amiga Power team didn't like Kick Off (especially Stuart Campbell who had given it up and moved to Sensible Soccer when it appeared), so naturally this was a 'hate campaign'. This view was partly based on an incident where a Dino Dini impersonator sent a letter to the magazine. A subsequent issue contained an apology from Amiga Power. The hate campaign conspiracy theory was also apparently displayed by AP's attitude to Dino Dini and his games. Of course, if you do any research instead of just making vague comments about hate campaigns, it's clear that there is a mix of complimentary and uncomplimentary comments and scores for Dino Dini games/Kick Off throughout the history of AP. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding about AP in that they said what they really thought about games and angered many in the games industry who thought that magazines should be an extension of their own marketing teams.

Anyway, Stuart Campbell may not be the most pleasant of people to get into an argument with, but at least he respects the sanctity of logic in what he says. The Kick Off hardcore, on the other hand, slavishly follow the Dino Dini gospel, spread malicious rumours and show little understanding of any kind of middle ground.
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