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Originally posted by Shatterhand
You have FINISHED Profanation? I HATE that game, it's just too damn hard.
I only could finished it one time on my beloved (and dead) CPC 464, after many many tries.

There is a Windows 95 remake if you want it I can post.

There's another game called "Camelot Warriors", also by Dinamic, that plays much like Profanation... if you liked Profanation, you may like Camelot Warriors
I finished it and Army Moves, Navy Moves, Game Over, Phantis, Nonamed, After the War, Meganova, Dustin, .....

Dinamic did the best CPC games by far.

btw. what you mean with "Dinamic died yesterday" ? Were they still around?
The culprit was the first spanish online game "La Prision". Here, internet providers suck, so online playing is a nightmare.
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