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Watch out.

Not all TVs accept RGB signals through SCART! Even if they might be ready for them, the connections to teh SCART plug are not made! make sure your TV accepts RGB signals through SCART before purchasing this 23 pin to SCART adapter.

If the cable did SVideo it would be OK, but thsi is unlikely (the Amiga doesn't have the svideo lines in teh 23 pin port. Strange but true!)

Nice setup mate, it's only missing one crucial thing: An Amiga Listen, I'm not sure about this, no one ever tried it as far as I know, but.... Can you connect a normal vga-type plug videocard to your Studio Display? if you are able to conenctit to any PC, you could of buy an external scandoubler for your Amiga and have it display in your Studio display. I wonder if that would work? I might experiment with that someday, when i get my scandoubler.


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