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Arrogance, or maybe severe narkiness at loss of glamour/hero worship once some competition appeared on the horizon?
I was never a huge soccer game fan even in "the old days",although I did enjoy the occasional penalty-ridden bash of the original Kick Off, as I did Sensi's classic C64 Microprose Soccer before that.

But the height of hypocrtitical claptrap is astonishing-so if someone does a game type, is Mr Dini suggesting that noone else would be allowed to program a rival game to better it?
There certainly seems a touch of the green-eyed monster though-the fact that Sensi expanded from the original 2 man,(sometimes 3 including the brilliant Martin Galway of course), all conquering C64 crew to successfully expand & become one of the great 16bit crews said a lot for their collective talents. They hardly sat on their laurels & churned out a remix of the same old concept when you include games like Mega Lo Mania, Cannon Fodder, Sensi Golf etc., Wizkid (& the aformentioned C64 games before that from Jon Hare & Chris Yates).

To last as long as they did,they must've done something right Dino!
Probably sound a lot harsher than intended, but going off those alledged quotes it does smack of jealousy.
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