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Thanks for a great post Cody. As stated previously I am very suspicious of these 'Retro' mags whicha re poping up all over the shop as they are in effect rewriting history.

I enjoy KO2 but can't for one second agree with Deadball Dini. He seems to still be under the impression that the one man programming unit can alter the course of history. Sensible Software were a team which may suggest why Sensi cam out before Goal! and why they don't [dispite their success among some very different genres] take themselves too seriously.

He's claims to have been ripped of by Sensi is very sad, as is the fact that he can't enjoy modern football games as they are just poor-man's projections of his unrealised creative prowess.

Is is like Scott Adam's deriding Dungeon Master for ripping off his best ideas and retarding the development of adventure gaming for the last two decades. Bizarre.

There is a way to combat this via our own work such as APoV. I hope that this project will remain regular and at least provide and unbiased compromise to such mythologizing nonsense.
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