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Manuals and Mags

I have the 'Next Steps' Amiga manual by the same publisher as well as the original Insiders Guide. If people want it scanning for posterity, then I may be able to do it, although it will probably be a pain

Now for some bad news!

I also have a load of Amiga mags, mainly AF and CU Amiga, a couple of Amiga User Int and one or two others whose name I forget. Some of these are from the '80s, and a lot from the '90s. From memory there are maybe 50-60 mags in total, maybe more. I'll count them in the next day or two. Cover disks (floppies) are missing on most, but I have quite a few of the cover CDs. Most are well thumbed, but no pages missing and in generally good condition.

I want to get rid of them... as my Amiga usage is dwindling, and they take up loads of room. Obviously, I don't want to throw them away, and scanning them would be a very long and tortuous task. But, if anybody wants them they are free to a good home. If you have a request for perhaps one or two mags that you have been after for a while, send me an email with the issue number, and I'll see if I've got it. Of course, postage overseas would have to be reimbursed, but other than that, they are free gratis to all you Amiga fans.

Contact me with any requests
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