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Originally posted by MarzAttakz
Why change your name? And did you get RCK to do it for you? I would guess your request came to him through PM.
I haven't changed my name, it's always been Ian since the day I was born

I became increasing annoyed with my nickname, it was a joke when I first signed up to Godflesh's board and guess what, I was slightly worse for wares, due to alcohol poisoning, I wasn't planning on sticking around back then so it didn't really matter.

Originally posted by MarzAttakz
You've gotta be shitting with moi, correct? We've already gone through how appalling XP is gonna end up, and Windows 2000 isn't designed to just play games! It's more for the business suits out there, like NT was!
Windows XP is shite in so many security ways, but as far as actually running programs, games and more importantly for us emulation, it is the dog's dangly bits.
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