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Well I did a boot fair last week (both buying and selling) as I need to make some cash to pay for my forthcoming wedding (9 weeks time! ) but heres a round up of the last months buying / selling..

New stuff I got in the last month or so....

Chipped playstation
Unchipped playstation with 25 original games.
4 x guncom Light Guns - Ive got addicted to Point Blank again!
A MINT boxed Megadrive 1 that looks like it just left the factory.
Lots of Megadrive games
A boxed (tatty) SNES Super Street Fighter II TURBO pack
A Nintendo 64 with 9 games.
One of those Namco Joystick things with 5 games built in (It came with Issue 4 of Retro Magazine as Ive now subscribed to it)

Stuff that got sold last week...

Unboxed Sega Megadrive II and MegaCD with 6 MegaCD games (I got 35 for it)
Boxed Nintendo 64 with Mario (I got 20 for it.)
Boxed NES with 3 games (Punchout / Mario 3 / RC Pro Am) (I got 10)
Unboxed SNES with two controllers and Street Fighter II (20)
Most of the aformentioned PSX games.

Stuff left to sell....

Unboxed SNES with two controllers and Street Fighter II (20)
Unboxed Megadrive II with approx 5 games (20)
That Namco Joystick thing (unopened) (15)
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