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Well I did a boot fair last week (both buying and selling) as I need to make some cash to pay for my forthcoming wedding (9 weeks time! ) but heres a round up of the last months buying / selling..

New stuff I got in the last month or so....

Chipped playstation
Unchipped playstation with 25 original games.
4 x guncom Light Guns - Ive got addicted to Point Blank again!
A MINT boxed Megadrive 1 that looks like it just left the factory.
Lots of Megadrive games
A boxed (tatty) SNES Super Street Fighter II TURBO pack
A Nintendo 64 with 9 games.
One of those Namco Joystick things with 5 games built in (It came with Issue 4 of Retro Magazine as Ive now subscribed to it)

Stuff that got sold last week...

Unboxed Sega Megadrive II and MegaCD with 6 MegaCD games (I got £35 for it)
Boxed Nintendo 64 with Mario (I got £20 for it.)
Boxed NES with 3 games (Punchout / Mario 3 / RC Pro Am) (I got £10)
Unboxed SNES with two controllers and Street Fighter II (£20)
Most of the aformentioned PSX games.

Stuff left to sell....

Unboxed SNES with two controllers and Street Fighter II (£20)
Unboxed Megadrive II with approx 5 games (£20)
That Namco Joystick thing (unopened) (£15)
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