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You mean this?

WinUAEX Amiga Emulator port for XBox v2

what's New:

- Fixed screen tearing

- Should automatically switch to PAL50 mode for PAL users

- New Options

+ Adjustable CPU/Chipset finegrain tuning from 100% CPU/0% Chip to 0% CPU/100% Chip
Makes some games (e.g. Gloom) much more like the real thing

+ 1MB FastRAM

+ Sound quality - Exact/Slower, Good/Faster
Some games like Batman : The Movie have to think reeeeal hard when the sound
quality is exact and it results in very slow game play. Set it to Good/Faster
and things speed up to normal again.

- Fixed mouse bug with Frontier : Elite 2 AGA version

- Fixed bug with filenames inside zips containing '+' characters

- Fixed bug with launching large files from ISO9660 discs

- The image you select from the file-selection screen will now always boot regardless
of how your disk configuration has changed during gameplay.

- 5 hard drive slots instead of just one
Device name, volume name, read/only, boot priority are configurable now also

You'll need to re-configure your HD games in order for them to work.

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what's next?

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